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I am a mother of two and live on the Surf Coast in Victoria. I finished my Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing in 2005. I love writing for children although I write short stories and articles for adults too. I have had three books published, two are educational readers, but would love to have a trade book published. I'm working on it! We have two cats, a dog who loves running on the beach and a bunny.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Creative Fellowships

I just got an email that I'd been waiting for. Unfortunately it didn't carry the news I was hoping for. I did not get shortlisted for the Rosebank Writers' Residency. I looked through the list of successful applicants for last year and I realised that my application and genre was probably not going to get me onto that shortlist.
Anyhow, I wish everyone else all the best. The Victorian Writers' Centre encouraged me to apply again next year and I shall. I have a different project in mind and by then, it should be well underway.

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  1. Hi Kaye - finding it hard to contact you! Did you know you won a copy of Riley and the Grumpy Wombat on the Handmade blog?! Send me an email and I can get it in the post! Warmly, Tania