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I am a mother of two and live on the Surf Coast in Victoria. I finished my Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing in 2005. I love writing for children although I write short stories and articles for adults too. I have had three books published, two are educational readers, but would love to have a trade book published. I'm working on it! We have two cats, a dog who loves running on the beach and a bunny.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Research and creation

I have begun a spot of research so that I can write a short story. When given a subject that I have never studied and have unreliable knowledge of I knew it was time to hit the books. The added benefit of course is increased general knowledge. Writing gives us so much. For me, creating a character and placing it in a setting and making things happen, seems quite magical. There was a time when the story did not exist. And suddenly it does.

So in these early days of pondering and trying to lock in a plot, I'm looking forward to going further into this particular unknown time and place.

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