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I am a mother of two and live on the Surf Coast in Victoria. I finished my Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing in 2005. I love writing for children although I write short stories and articles for adults too. I have had three books published, two are educational readers, but would love to have a trade book published. I'm working on it! We have two cats, a dog who loves running on the beach and a bunny.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Story accepted by The School Magazine, NSW

Hi All

This year has proven to be one with unexpected circumstances that I won't go into, but my world has been shaken and tipped and changed forever.
However, to maintain stability and sanity, I have begun dabbling again with my writing.
Unexpectedly I received good news from The School Magazine, NSW that they wish to publish a story that I wrote based on my own chook minding experiences in childhood. The story is called 'Chrissie and a queen'.
In the midst of great challenges and sadness, this welcome piece of news was timely and delightful.
All the best everyone.


  1. Congratulations! This is a fabulous market. I never tried to sell them fiction, but there have been quite a few of my articles in there. They pay well, they don't mind what you do with it afterwards - sometimes they even pass on requests from other publishers! - and occasionally they offer to reprint an article they have published before, at the same rate! Enjoy.

  2. Hi Sue
    Thanks for your great feedback. I had given up on hearing back from them as I sent this story late last year. So when I received an acceptance I was so surprised and understood that they had been putting of MS readings for a while. This is one magazine that I am proud to have been accepted by. Thanks again, Sue.

  3. Hi Kaye, send me an email so I can send you your book...yes you won the Love Notes from Vinegar House competition.